January 2017

Dr. Kathryn Whitmore and Dr. James Chisholm, Education & Human Development 

Research Methods to Understand Middle Grades Readers’ Semiotic Awareness

In this interactive workshop, we will invite participants to engage with research methods we created to understand how middle grades readers learned about the Holocaust and Anne Frank’s diary through the arts. In our multi-year study, we employed digital photographic and videographic techniques to freeze multimodal co-constructions of texts. We will invite participants to build on our arts-based research methods that seek to disrupt standardized and verbal evaluation instruments that dominate and limit what teachers can know about what and how students can learn. 

The following paper provides additional background on the arts-based methods that they will explore during the workshop: Chisholm, J. S., & Whitmore, K. F. (2016). Bodies in space/bodies in motion/bodies in character: Adolescents bear witness to Anne Frank. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 17(5). Available at http://www.ijea.org/v17n5/v17n5.pdf


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