March 2017

Lisa Wagner, Spanish

Mapping Louisville’s Linguistic Landscape: A Pedagogical Tool for L2 Teaching and Learning”

This workshop focuses on second-language (L2) pedagogical applications of linguistic landscape theory using bilingual English <—-> Spanish commercial signage. Specifically, we will apply Sebba’s (2012) multi-modal analysis of code-mixing, along with key concepts from visual linguists Gorter (2006), Backhaus (2007) and Shohamy, Ben-Raphael, and Barni (2010) to the analysis of commercial signage from Albuquerque, NM. The purpose of this hands-on session is to pedagogically gauge the amount and type of theoretical background and guided practice students enrolled in the Spanish 490 Capstone course will need to successfully engage in the collection and analysis of an original English <—–> Spanish linguistic landscape data set from their local community of Louisville, KY.

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