Mission Statement

This workshop provides space for faculty and students at the University of Louisville to share research on how language and other semiotic resources mediate social worlds.

We aim to develop interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars from a variety of disciplines who study talk, text, interaction, semiotics, visual communication / design, and mass media. Our founding faculty and students come from the adjacent fields of sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, applied linguistics, rhetoric and composition, but we welcome and encourage the participation of scholars from other fields who share an interest in the mediating processes that link their objects of study to their social surround.

Workshops are designed to provide a more intimate, interdisciplinary forum for both students and faculty to hear and present work at any stage of the research process—from initial data analysis, to unpublished drafts of completed research. Talks encourage audience interaction with and feedback on the theories, ideas and results presented.

We encourage any faculty, graduate, or undergraduate students at University of Louisville interested in joining us to contact us to get on our mailing list for events and the planning of workshops.

This workshop series is sponsored by the Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society, the Department of English, and the Department of Comparative Humanities.

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